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Hello boss babes ♡

Welcome to our blog! This will be the section where we embrace and empower beautiful women like you! We believe that it is important for women to celebrate one another and embrace each others differences. As we all know everyone has a story and this is where we provide a safe space for you to open up and voice yours. Once a month we will be featuring young women who choose to submit their story to us. It can be on any topic, for example; how you overcame a stressful time; how you learned how to build confidence. We know that a lot of you can relate to each other and inspire one another with each story. Thank you in advance for sharing your story for other women to read!

How to be featured on our blog? ♡

The steps are simple and easy!
  1. Follow us on instagram @shop.lillyrose
  2. Send us an email of your story, along with your social media handles and a photo of yourself (if you choose). If you would like to remain anonymous, state so somewhere in the email and we will respect your privacy! Thanks again and good luck on your submissions! ♡ #bosslillies 

Please send all inquires to

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